In Monstrous Attitude

by Seth Faergolzia



released September 15, 2009

Seth Faergolzia: Guitar, Vocals
Alx Coronado: Bass
Anders Griffen: Drums



all rights reserved


Seth Faergolzia Rochester, New York

Dufus were one of the most prolific, original, and influential bands to emerge from the chaotic mash of freak folk acoustic rock scene of New York City. Their sound is absolutely different; Seth Faergolzia's voice and songwriting style can be matched by no other. Dufus disbanded in 2010, but Seth Faergolzia continues the legacy with 23 Psaegz, Forest Creature and Heck Yup.
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Track Name: Stuck In a Room
did it again
told ‘em didn’t have to be that good
that was a lie
didn’t have to be that way
now i’m stuck in a room full of eyes
and i’m bashful

stuck in a lemon
my whole existence is for puckering
hanker for hunks of flesh
but dod
Track Name: Anouk
when i wake up to see your smiling face
for heaven’s sake you are my saving grace
i wouldn’t doubit if you were sent from heaven above
you are a tutor teacking me the meaning of love

i draw a picture it is an image of you
i make a dinner you are the taste of my food
when i leave you be sure you’re on my mind
couldn’t forget you, y
Track Name: Don't Let It Go
Don’t Let it Go
i look out the window
but i couldn’t see you
cuz my sight is fogged
by the breath of sex

deluding and dissolving
dividing all the wherabouts at hand

i’ve got it now in hand
i’ve got it now in hand

i see it now
i see it now

don’t let it go don’t let it go
even though it’s running don’t let it go

Track Name: Farting Without Fear
farting without fear
farting without fear
writhing in a temple
where the gods are all for eating

gods are all for eating
the gods are all for eating
skulls are eggs for cracking
good food is gone waiting
rotting in its leaving
taste the fateful raising
shrunken rotten grape thing

Track Name: Metal Horses
Metal Horses
what’s ahead, see it getting cloudy in the distance robber
maybe put your tail between your legs
maybe run back to your mother

rain pours down
did that dark cloud make you think of other weather
better learn to button up your braincoat, brother
doesn’t look like it’s letting up too soon

after all this time you’d think we’d
Track Name: Speak In Whispers
i speak in whispers
no one else can hear
you’re the only one
will you lend an ear
that is my desire
why will you not hear me out

buenos arie ay

i’ll be moving
i’ll be moving out

running at commotion
while the saying goes
“they’ll make you matchless”
wet and warp your soul
to take its flame away

bring me your head
drop your guns to my lap
you’ll be fed
there’s a kid with a map
when he’s dead
there’s another with a map
he’ll be fed
till he’s dead with a map

all the sudden i’m waking up
in the center in the center of my hip bone
happened to me
happened to my
i get to dance
now i’m in the epicenter alone
all the sudden i’m waking up
in the center in the center of my hip bone

wanna take the time
to type out the design
i got an airline that’ll fly into the eye of a storm
i’m norm
Track Name: Monkey Crusader
i love my life
it’s like a fantasy
i love my life
it reads just like a book
a wayward eye

i live my life
in perfect harmony
i live my life
look inquisitionally
a wayward eye

when your labor head hit a pillow
see the wayward eye
look out below!
i think i see it in your soul
see the wayward eye
look out below!!

looking at a gun
see a bullet like it’s written in the sun
sing out the dead man’s song

monkey crusader
monkey crusader
monkey crusader

where the land love longs
when all the forest is seeking it’s nature

hair that kneely long
call a chorus in nature

we look like a wassailing robber of land
with a moment she takes from another man’s hand
Track Name: Bring Maple
it’s clear and apparent
where in this journey your feelings have gone

you’re all turned around
backward at the sun
wrap your fingers round
nothing nothing sound

when you hit the ground
crying can be fun
wrap your finger round
laughing godly thumb

oh life, at the same time
hold on, let the sick die
alright, laugh or sing play