Thing In the Middle of the Room

from by Seth Faergolzia



There's this thing in the middle of the room and it's big. I want to move it, but it's big, and it's got so much attached. I attack myself for wishing it gone so I could move freely. Cuz I preach complete acceptance and believe resist is futile, but my mind it is fertile, and biodiverse is worthwhile. So the weeds are left to live with the plants which tend to give, and I'd kinda like to move it, but it's big so I'll try to shift it, see if the middle of the room can somehow get bigger, now no object in its space, but this place is in my mind, and my mind is what I make it, and the big thing in the middle's just a puddle made by thinking I am the thing king or at least a thing king.

The things I think are making what I feel and how I take it. The things I think are making what I feel and how I take it. How my take on things affects the way I see them. It is now a lake… aynd when my take is on the learning, not the wrong thing, not as critic, not to hold it… how the future unfolds right from that, right from this very moment… and how the thoughts you think link with time and make a future. How that future stinks or shines right in line with your own truth.


from Seth Faergolzia: Doubting Won't Do, released April 22, 2014



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Seth Faergolzia Rochester, New York

Dufus were one of the most prolific, original, and influential bands to emerge from the chaotic mash of freak folk acoustic rock scene of New York City. Their sound is absolutely different; Seth Faergolzia's voice and songwriting style can be matched by no other. Dufus disbanded in 2010, but Seth Faergolzia continues the legacy with 23 Psaegz, Forest Creature and Heck Yup.
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